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Since 2001, Trymark has been a leader in printing and direct mail production, one source for all your needs. We utilize the most current equipment and technologies to ensure that your project stands out, and is done in a cost effective, high quality, timely fashion.

Because our customers only get one chance to make their best impression

Create Your First Impression.

Communication Is The Key
To Succesful Campaigns

From your first phone call, to the delivery of your materials, we always ensure clear and well communicated interactions between all parties. Our experience allows us to avoid the pifalls that can happen in a production environment, and suggest better options to meet your goals.


Get in the Public’s Hands

With the move to electronic media, direct mail has become a lost art that surprises people in their mailboxes daily.

Direct mail is more personal

Electronic media personalization isn’t quite the same. Direct mailing can be targeted to specific homes and areas or other demographics. And when they are delivered, nothing can quite feel as personal as opening a real piece of mail. 

Direct mail is more unique

With direct mailing, you are sending a tangible something to your customers. Someone who opens their mailbox to a see a brightly colored, or photo centric piece of mail is far more excited to open that mailer than an email.

Direct mail lasts longer

Studies show that people are much more likely to remember a tangible piece of mail when compared to an email. Furthermore, they can retain that memory for quite some time. Why would you not want that sort of lasting effect on your clients?

We Have the Experience


Given the scope of the project, we can assist with design elements that help your project stand out, and fit your production budget.


Armed with the latest in printing technology, your projects will be clear, vibrant, and beautiful.


We sort for the best possible postal rates when sending out your mailers, and never miss a mail date.


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creative direction

flexible scheduling

competitive pricing

Seamless production

postal expertise


new format ideas

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